Larsen's Towing - Illegal vehicle towing

We are waiting for a call from Thrive, in order to settle our request for the return of our money. We were smooth talked into thinking that we could make a little extra money but getting a web site and a drop shipper. We were told we would get our money back in 6 months time and be able to make a 6 figure income. You found out that we had a good credit rating and therefore talked us into thinking that we needed to pay this money in order to be able to make more. This is a lot of money for us and we are struggling to pay our credit card bill now. This has a potential to ruin our credit rating and we need to get this money back to be able to pay it off and get back on our feet.

We are seniors and have a limited income. We just wanted to make a little extra and now we are deeper in debt than before we started this. At one time, I also was talked into setting up and business with Google Shadow, which is a business of Dave Rasmussan. I wanted some advise from Thrive about who he was and wasn’t given any indication that he is also from Thrive. I was told that he(Thrive) didn’t know him. Now I find out that he is also a part of Thrive. I did sign up with him thinking that I could get a web site going, but later thought this was probably not a good thing and cancelled it. I was able to get my money back. I am so glad that I cancelled that offer. Just another method that Thrive was using the get peoples money.

Found At: Thrive Learning Institute – Requesting a Refund

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