Tim Hortons

On Sunday Sept. 20th at approximately 2:15 in the afternoon I entered the Tim Horton’s on Bridge St. in Carleton Place. As I approached the door a group of five kids – were parking scooters and skateboards- and entered before me. Ages somewhere between 10 and 12. Not wearing or even carrying masks.
Masked staff took their order. They then milled around the cash nearest the door, moving back and forth between the pick up counter and cash for two or three minutes waiting for their order. In an effort to avoid them, I stepped into the seating area and observed three separate tables of adults crowded into the corner of the dining area – tables arranged in an L shape within touching distance of each other – also without masks.
I go to Carleton Place weekly and will NOT be attending that location again.
As I understand it, the franchise owner also operates the second outlet at McNeely and Highway 7. I won’t be going there either. There’s a Starbucks nearby where entry is denied to anyone without a mask.
I’m appalled, disgusted and resentful.

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Found At: Tim Hortons – Failure to enforce covid precautions

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