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Mike Szyszko, Robert Baatda and Roger Baarda – Teclon sold us a bad home that water comes in the basement and now the front porch leaks Grand Rapids MichiganConsumer’s Original Complaint :

In June 2006, I purchased a condo to be built by Teclon Construction in Saugatuck. MI. We put $25, 000 down on it and it took the rest of the year to finish.

On several occasions we were pressured by Teclon to close well before the unit was completed, once when it was still only 2×4 walls. We closed in late December and moved in, in January 2007.

The quality of workmanship was poor and not up to the standard of a luxury condo ($300, 000+). We found appliances not hooked up or operating properly, doors out of square, cold air leaking thru the front and basement door, and a water problem. Basement was built inches from natural occurring water table and Teclon knew the water table could rise 10 feet (from their reports)

In February 2007 we found a huge pond of water in the foundation pits for the next units next to our unit filled with water. We, at our own expense, had a sump pump and drain system installed in the basement and were now constantly pumping water out of the unit. We were in effect recycling the water from the outside pond since as fast as we pumped it out, it would seep back in from the pond and refill the sump pit. This went on for nearly three months until the water finally dried up. We complained to Teclon about this water problem and occasionally they would pump out the pits which refilled as soon as the pumping stopped. On several occasions we and the city building inspector were informed that a ‘french drain’ would be installed outside our unit running along the property line to take the ground water away. This was never done.

The shoddy construction techniques in the unit resulted in the kitchen counter, island counter and wet bar counter all being at different heights, the wood floors were scratched and gouged from moving appliances and equipment over them without proper covering, numerous doors were out of square so they opened or closed on their own and other issues. We tried to get these issues addressed by Mr Baarda and Teclon and always had the same response, ‘we will get back with you later’. We then began repairing some of these issues at our own expense and have not been reimbursed. we were told the condo did have a warrantee and they would come back and fix stuff and they have NOT!

Consumer’s Desired Resolution:
We would like to have the self closing doors fixed, and be reimbursed for the expenses we incurred to correct other problems, INCLUDING THE INSTALLATION OF THE SUMP AND DRAIN SYSTEM, and that the ‘french drain’ gets built and installed before winter sets in. This fall we now find the rain gutters do not work and the front porch roof leaks into the front hall

chicago, Illinois

Found At: timberline/ teclon/ LLC/ construction/ group – they take money and dont finish homes or dont honor warrantees

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