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Gave Resorts International $549 fee to list a timeshare that I had just purchased from Sunset Lagoon while on vacation in Cancun Mexico. At the time of purchase, I was given a guarantee of a fixed amount of rental income for two years. I was also guaranteed that Resorts International would sell my existing timeshare for $10, 000 within 90 days. Sunset Lagoon gave me a document from Resorts International that was to serve as guarantee for monies due, and I was required to pay Resorts International the $549 in order to get the money promised me. I discovered that neither Sunset Lagoon or Resorts International had any intention of paying me the guaranteed amounts of rental and sale income after inquiring at both businesses prior to signing the Resorts International contract that was received 6 weeks after I paid them. The contract said I could cancel if within 21 days of contract date, so I called to cancel and request a refund. Over the next few weeks I called, faxed and emailed Resorts International to check status of my refund. To date I have not received a refund and cannot get any member of management to return my calls. I was told that the president of this company – Phaedra Almstead – does not talk to customers. Apparently the general manager – Diane Peterson – doesn’t deal with issues either. The customer service people never give their real names either. All this tells me that Resorts International is a SCAM and it is run by crooks.

Found At: Timeshare Rental Agreement – Scam

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