Together Networks

Please see attached. I joined the site as indicated on attachment. You get verified, tied to one girl. You aren’t allowed to look at any of your websites since you and a girl are connected to each other only. So I have to pay to join and $300 for first date to be at a hotel for 2 nights. Well we haven’t met yet, always a reason for more money before we meet. The girl is Elise Lopes. We work with a representative called a verifyer who is supposed to finalize our documentation so we can meet. I have been promised this would be completed at least three times after paying $150 to $350 for Elise’s obligations. Then it never gets completed so we can’t meet. She says she currently owes $300. If I pay it for her then supposedly we can finally meet. I have spent a total of $3500 for Elise Lopes. I want to make sure she is real and we will meet after payment. The verifyer we have worked with has an email of [protected] and supervisor has email of [protected] All I want is to meet Elise so has this all been real or is someone using Together Networks as their prop to pull off a scam. Brett VanNieuwenhuise, [protected], [protected] Thank you for your time to answer my concern.

Found At: Together Networks – dating site owned by together networks

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