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Mo Shaben and his shady dealerships need to be shut down. On November 30, 2014 I purchased a Jeep Patriot for $14, 000. I was told by the salesman that the mechanical inspection he provided was thorough and continued to convince me that dealerships registered with AMVIC (I now know what a joke AMVIC is and as long as they are responsible for Consumer Protection in Alberta, consumers have zero protection – but that is a whole other complaint) are bound by law to conduct a comprehensive inspection. I felt safe in not getting a second inspection done, which is the reason I chose to purchase from a dealer as opposed to privately. Within months of owning my vehicle, I started to really notice poor handling. When my husband removed a front tire he noticed leakage from the boot at which time I decided to take it to a mechanic. Turns out that I needed over $3, 000 in repairs to make it safe to drive. Other necessary work will cost me an additional $3, 000. I contacted Touchdown Auto to express my concerns and they, in a nutshell, said that it is normal wear and tear and I must have did something to cause that damage. I know I didn’t and explained to them that their mechanic that did the inspection “missed” a lot of damage, at which point I was told I was demeaning their mechanics and was hung up on. To this day, they say that I hung up on them. I tried calling back a number of times to get them to help me. One salesman said he will work something out for me and never heard back from him. Another time I placed an anonymous call to enquire about my vehicle as they were (and still are today) actively advertising it for sale. They told me it was still available but I couldn’t come see it because it was “rolling with a customer” who is interested in buying it. But…they have lots of other great vehicles… I have never dealt with a more cowardly, conniving con artists as those who work for Mo Shaben’s auto dealerships – Crossline on the Fort, Crossline West, Corssline Truck, Auto City Edmonton, and Touchdown Auto. Please, take this as a warning. Do not buy from any of the dealerships owned by Mo Shaben. The majority of their vehicles are purchased from auctions in damaged conditions. Funny how the Carproof they provided me didn’t show this, but the one I pulled afterwards showed it very clearly. Hmmmmm… AMVIC has done nothing to help and I will be writing a complaint about them next. What a useless organization. I know there are people out there who say “what were you thinking not getting your own inspection?” I get it, I should have but put faith in the company that they were honest. OMG. I have learned a valuable, but expensive, lesson. I will never buy from a car dealership again – small or big. Again – avoid Touchdown Auto, Crossline, and the other back alley dealerships that Mo Shaben owns.

Found At: Touchdown Auto – Sold me vehicle with extensive undisclosed damage

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