My friend purchased a brand new Rolex watch at the above store as a Christmas gift for me. Went back to the store to have the watch registered and fitted and was very upset to hear that there would install two links for free and any additional link would be a $75.00 extra I had to leave my watch there because they didn’t e the links there in stock and Rolex would be closed until January 4th 2016.I feel this is very unfair that I would be charged for links to make the watch fit my wrist and the purchaser of the watch was never informed of this information otherwise would have never bought the watch there the sale per they spoke with is frank. own two other Rolex watches and never had to pay for anything to be added to make the watch fit .This will be my last and final purchase of a Rolex due to the salesman stamping the invoice final sale which would not give me a option to return the watch due to it not fitting me .Myself and my friend are very unhappy with this practice and will find another place to shop from now on. Why was this invoice stamped fiNALSALE?I feel like I was trapped into this purchase there was no signs that had final sale in the store and the watch was not discounted it as full purchase price

Found At: Tourneau – links to be added to rolex watch

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