Oscar Vermaak - building insurance claim

A bad Degree from a bad College will turn out to be worthless such as Touro College awarded me; a worthless Bachelor’s Degree. I cannot use my credits to transfer to any normal accredited college in America and use it to find employment within City government or State government or Federal jobs, as well as being treated like a criminal everywhere I go; even trying to go to private employer I have to state my criminal record; so automatically my degree becomes worthless. That is not the worst part. The worst part is that by getting this Touro College fraudulent Degree, students are required to get a criminal record, just like I did. So It is not as bad as a getting a bad degree from a good school. At least a bad degree from a good school will not make a criminal out of you and you will not have to tell your potential employer that you are a criminal like it occurred in my case and many more other Touro College Bachelor Degree holders with criminal records. No wonder why most Touro College undergraduate Bachelor Degree holders work in their fraudulent operations, because they have nowhere else to go. At least in the latter case, you may be able to get a job based on the strength of your school’s name. There are fraudulent people but there are also fraudulent Institutions of higher learning as well. It is not just Michael Cherner and couple bad apples. Take it from me; I am a holder of Touro College’s fraudulent Bachelor’s degree. The entire administration is responsible for its fraud because they all witnessed it happened and signed the paperwork for my degree. It is the entire undergraduate Touro College which is Fraudulent and the government has no way to control it or stop it from destroying innocent students life’s by convincing them that fraud is good and you should pay. It is basically and organized, undereducated MOB (MAFIA) full of Administrator and professors who take part in this operation to earn money to pay for their living expenses. “MANY STUDENT WASTE YEARS STUDYING AND AT THE END ARE AWARDED TOURO COLLEGE’S FRAUDULENT DEGREES AND THERFORE, BECOME CRIMINALS. NOT ALL DEGREES ARE EQUAL. TOURO COLLEGE HAS BEEM LYING ABOUT its ACCREDITATION FROM THE BEGINING OF ITS CREATION. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR ACCREDITATION WHICH YOU CAN FIND. IT IS A PAPER WORK LIE. They have people which take cut in many Accrediting bodies. TOURO COLLEGE IS ESTABLISHED ON FRAUDULENT PAPERWORK FROM THE BEGININIG OF ITS CREATION IN THE 70’S AND THE SCAM HAS BEEN RUNNIG FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS. “TOURO COLLEGE ALUMNUS, CLASS OF 2007, AUDITED IN 2009! TALK ABOUT BACKDATING CREDITS WHICH NEVER EXISTED – MAGICALY APPEARED ON MY TRANSCRIPT! IS THIS MY FAULT AS A STUDENT? FAKE GRADUATE WITH BACHELOR’S DEGREE, TOURO COLLEGE (CLASS OF 2007) TOURO KEEP YOUR FRAUD GOING. YOU ARE REAL SCHOLARS. – READ ANY BOOKS LATELY?

Found At: Touro College Degree – Fraud

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