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Do not have ANYTHING to do with this man. You will find him on dating websitess, searching for his next victim.
He is charming at first, but then his true colors come out. He is a prescription drug seeking, alcoholic that will use you and manipulate you. He is verbally abuses and has manor control issues as well.His goal extents far beyond prescription drugs, though. Bottom line he will.take you for every dime you have got. He will try to guilt trip you into giving him medicine, money, and anything else he can think of. I believe he does this for a living. He manipulates women, bleeds them dry, and then moves on to his next victim. Stay as far away as possible ladies!, however. He will try to manipulate you out of every dime you have. I should have been ablt to realize the aweff person that he is before now. But, better late than never. Stay away ladies and save yourself some heartache.

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Found At: Towe Enterprises – Steve Towe

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