Thank you very much for that link Earlyboy! That is a great article! Everybody should read it.

I am sorry you had a bad car buying experience, but you were smart to walk away from it.

Yes, car salesmen, are generally jerks, and more. And, yes, like I said in my initial posting (and that is what this journalist of Edmunds that went undercover also confirms), the management and owners are even more to blame, because they encourage these practices.

Nobody argues that the dealer should make a profit and people that work for him as well, but what’s happening here is pure highway robbery!

It does not have to be like that! So I think the more we talk about it, the more people find out the shady practices of many salesmen and dealers, the more informed we get, and the better decisions we make. That should change the situation with buying a car, not overnight, of course, but hopefully at least in a long run.

There are other ways to buy a car, like local car brokers or Internet car brokers. They are also not ideal, but I found them to have better deals, with firm prices closer to the invoice, and less aggravation.

And if more people buy like that (we are still buying form the dealership, just bypassing the salesman), then the won’t be a need for salesmen attacking you the very minute you enter the car lot. And their tactics might change too.

Our strength as consumers is knowledge and sharing our experiences. So let’s spread the word.

Thanks again for the link!

Found At: Toyota – dishonest car dealers

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