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I went to the store on 11/23/2010 to buy a kosher turkey. It was the 3rd store I went to since 2 other stores were out of the product. Seattle just had a severe snow storm so I just rush in just for the turkey. When I went to the cash register I wrote a check but for the 1st time the check was declined in the machine that was processing it. The cashier went to a supervisor to figure out the problem and the supervisor tied again but no luck. I then said I had just enough cash but insisted on getting a phone number to call to clear up the problem. The supervisor told me to contact my bank. I said I was just at my bank earlier and they could even call the bank. He just replied that it must be my bank and I replied that I really need a phone number to clear this up and that it was not my bank that was the problem. He just repeated it must be my bank and would not give me a phone number. I was so frustrated I thew done the money on the counter and told him where he should put the money (up his ###). He said he will not tolerate such language and would not accept my money so I had to leave with no turkey. I tried to call the store later at home but the person just hung up on me. All I tried to say on the phone was how bad the customer service was and what can be done to resolve it. I then googled the headquarters and left a message about the problem. No one called me back the next day. When I call the office in the afternoon a women said she called the store to find out their story and to have them resolve the problem. She then told me that they were upset because I used bad language. I told her it was expected under the circumstances but she continue to defend the store. I continued to try to explain the problem but each raising my voice more since I was getting very frustrated (without shouting). She then said I was raising my voice and she would not tolerate that. I told I was raising it because she was not trying to listen. Then I was hung up again. I don’t know if I will be able to get a turkey now since today the weather was undrivable and only 1 other store had a kosher turkey. Hopefully I can get to that store on Thanksgiving but more snow is expected tonight.

Found At: Trader Joe’s – customer service

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