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Trane Company at the Lexington Ky plant has a bad record of deceiving people. I came to work on April the 28th of 2007 for overtime and before I go on have had a good working and ethical record history with them for 11 years. On that day, starting around 6:30 am that morning and also have worked to 10:30 pm the night before was encountered by another employee who had words with me on being in his work area. I made a comment that I was temporarily in work area and going to move on and told him to shut up or else.

A bystander by the name of Jeff Bond, said I was going to place a devise in workplace and he called 911 without me knowing about it at the time. Two or three hours later Don Black the general manager called me to the office and he and Kevin Thompson interrogated me on stating what they heard I said. Don Black a deceiver told me they had two or three witnesses on what I said.

They took me to main office and never told me anything, but had let dispatched police in to also interrogate me. I admitted to them mentioning a devise, but they( Sgt Varney) put in police report that I had placed a devise in the plant. Varney also made me and put words in my mouth and charged me with a 2nd degree felony. The police never got charge fully their way, the charge ended up being prosecuted as 3rd degree misdemeanor. Overall this Don Black is a deceiver and so is Kevin Thompson. Jeff Bond rats on his union brothers and I hope all see this letter. Also Sgt Varney with the Lexington Ky police department # 22512 is a shrewd little deciever punk who arrested me. By the way, this company will have to pay me my pension when all is due. But I would not care to draw it if I could see this company go out of business.

To all you out there, I will never buy another product from Trane. This company has had a bad reputation of letting a lot of people go. They seem to keep the perverts like John Sampson who looks at porn sites on company property. That day would have been different if I pleaded the 5th and called in my lawyer. I learned one thing never trust or call on your union, they are powerless. as in my statements above an attorney is the answer. Old Dick Karcher another deceiver would have had a different outlook.

By the way Varney never read me the Miranda rights till after he interrogated me. They could get in trouble for this.

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