Triumph Property Management

Expect the WORST from Triumph! They rip off respectable people. A complete scam! They closed Yelp site on Buffalo stating “they moved” (untrue) to avoid reviews proving they’re con artists! They use a “third party” contractor Meridian to provide a bid for repairs/cleaning that is exuberantly inflated, 3 times a reasonable price! They charge for each speck of dirt (which was not there until Realtors came in) AND charge you for issues that you noted prior to move in. Even with pictures of damage to blinds and walls (painted with the wrong color by the owner himself!) from BEFORE move-in, they tried to charge over $1550 dollars for “cleaning/painting/damage/landscaping”. We spent two days cleaning but they stated we left the property “filthy”. Don’t rent from them! Staff is unprofessional, rude and condescending. IF you do, note EACH/EVERY tiny scratch, missing lightbulb, imperfection, weed in the yard or anything broke on THEIR move-in form! Test out EVERYTHING! Take pre/post video, even then, they will try to charge you for things that were broken before you moved in ($150 dollars for $6 dollar blinds that I have pictures of them being broken before moving in). Prepare for a fight to get a penny of your deposit back! Photos are BEFORE we moved in and they still charged us over $400 dollars on move-out even though we had proof that they crappy patch-work paint job they did was done before we moved in. BEWARE!

Found At: Triumph Property Management – Crooks!

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