Tuff Shed

I wish someone would have came out to my home. Instead, they used google earth to survey the area and provide recommendations. This is not bad however; you are taking a risk. They may recommend the wrong color match for your siding and roof. Which is what happen to me. When you complain about it, they revert back to the documents you signed. Well, you got me there. Most customers tend to go with the recommendation given. You have to assume we are novice. Now, I’m an easy-going guy, but it was hard to let things slide on this build, being that I paid near $4000. The vent holes where cut but no vents. The double door is not lined up. The floor is not secured to the joist. When standing on it, it dips in. Once you see a few mistakes, thing just start to pop out at yea. Just under half of the nails used did not even make contact with the jointing wood. I had more nails laying in and around the shed, then in the wood. Lastly, I don’t recall ordering a bunch of used cigarette butts to be placed in and around the shed. I’m sure that was free of charge. Now, I apologize if you can hear anger in my voice through these words. That’s not my intent. In my line of business, I cannot afford to be screwed over. I came home from sitting on a mountain top in vic Balkh province in Afghanistan to get this thing done for my wife and failure is not an option. I need you guys to get these complains fix ASAP. Even if it cost me more. I have 24 days before I am sitting back on that MT. Y’all have a nice day.

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