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I signed up to be an independent consultant in august 2007. However, after a few weeks I decided it was not for me since no one I knew was interested in buying. When I contacted customer care to ask about a refund of my sales kit, I was informed that the company does not refund the purchase of the sales kit! However, per the consultant agreement,

‘if I give notice of my intention to terminate my status as a consultant, company will buy back from me current, unused tupperware products and sales aids which I purchased within the preceding 12 months that are in the original packaging at a price which is not less than 90% of the price I paid for such products and sales aids. The amount of any bonuses paid to me in connection with the original purchase and any indebtedness owed by me to the company will be deducted from the buy back amount. The company may also deduct from the buy back amount any published restocking fee on such inventory repurchases. This buy back option may be initiated by either
Me or the company.’

The customer care rep (who barely understood english, since their customer care reps are in india) said that the sales kit is excluded from the buyback. I am now stuck with the kit and out $100 bucks! If you are thinking of selling tupperware, please be sure that people will buy it from you, and know that if you change your mind, you’ve lost money and are stuck with the kit.

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