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Managment is very money hungry.. everyother day they lose my sons cup, sheet, clothing, and ect.
Last week my child caught hand, foot and mouth disease. When i questioned sam about why this happened, she said in the most passive aggressive way that my child was to blame…even though she told me a day prior that my child was the 3rd case to be reported. I cant speak for all managerial staff, but sam is definitely a peice of work. Sam (who is the lead) continuously hounds me for payments, even if im only a day or two late.( i get paid on friday and so im hard pressed to make the dealine each time) You would think she would give more leeway seeing as my son was not able to go to daycare for 3 days because of there improperly cleaned facility, but that isnt the case at all. I even asked her if we would be reimbursed for my sons lost items, she reponed with a open ended answer and no solution .just recently she emailed me saying i couldnt bring my son to daycare unless i paid 2 weeks in advance..so with that being said i wouldn’t recommend this place unless your ok with with your childs possessions being lost, constantly being honded for payments, and your child possibly being exposed to infectious diseases.. i can not stress enough that Sam is a passive aggressive person, who gives backhanded apologizes, and only cares about the money being profited off your childs enrollment

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