Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving

This company represents itself on the internet in Canada and the US as a franchise with ‘franchises available’. They are not a registered Canadian franchise and do not operate as a franchise! There is no legitimate structure – the company changes hands almost every year so you cannot track down who is responsible or who is really in charge. There are only a few locations in the US even though they advertise locations all over the US. Canada locations has had ‘takeovers’ by insiders who claim to be in charge. They bully office owners until they take over the territories without paying for them. There are over 600 unanswered claims in the Ontario location alone while the Toronto owner lives in a 1, 600, 000.00 home! There is no accountability for what they do – they do whatever they want however they want – legal or not. They cannot be trusted as business associates. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY, AND LIFE ON THIS COMPANY.

Found At: Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving – Franchise scam!

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