UK Private Investigators [UKPI]

WARNING – I instructed UK Private Investigators and Timothy Burchell to trace the current whereabouts of a debtor on a “no trace – no fee”.Within a day he reported back to me that he had found the debtor and if I paid him £145 he would release the details.

I paid and the details were released. I quickly learned that the debtor had nothing to do with the address given to me by Timothy and the elderly couple living there (for more than 30 years) had never heard of my debtor. I pointed this out to Timothy and suggested that he should try again (we all make mistakes!), Timothy chose to ignore all my calls and emails.

I have since found this thread online as well as the fact that Timothy is not running a limited company and what used to be UK Private Investigators was dissolved years ago.I should have done my due diligence against this disgrace of a human being; he is nothing but a fraudster.

Found At: UK Private Investigators [UKPI] – takes your money and doesn’t provide any service!

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