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My best friend got married in March, and all 7 bridesmaids went to Ulta for pre-wedding makeup and hair so we’d know what to do the day of the wedding. We were charged $65 for hair/makeup. We asked the MANAGER of the salon if she knew someone to do our hair/makeup the day of the wedding AT the venue.

She stated that she and a co-worker would do our hair makeup for the $65 each.

They arrived at 9am for a noon wedding. They did the mother of the groom and bride first. When they got up to pay, the manager of the salon said, “that will be $95 each”. We were SHOCKED. When they asked why the price increase, they stated, “it’s our parogative”.

Needless to say, us bridesmaids only had $65 each on us, so we said, no thanks and rushed to do each other’s hair and makeup. They charged the bride $145!

On Monday, the mom of the groom called the local Ulta and asked WHY the price increase. The district manager said–NO ONE FROM ULTA IS ALLOWED TO WORK OUTSIDE THE SALON!


So the district manager starts doing some research and discovered these two con-artist had 17 brides who came into the salon –and never came back the day of their wedding. Because these two went to the venues and OVERCHARGED them!

Then again, there’s no telling how many brides they shafted !

I understand, these two no longer work for Ulta. But BEWARE!

Only have your hair/makeup done in the salon–if they offer to go to the venue, ALERT MANAGEMENT!

Found At: Ulta Beauty: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 20 | ComplaintsBoard

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