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I went in today to talk about my referral, and I had asked the doctor. Since I’m there I’ve been having sinus pain for about 3 weeks. I had mentioned to her I went around 2 weeks ago to get tested for COVID. Came out negative. She asked me if I been vascinated. I mentioned to her no so right away she pulled back, and covered her face with the plastic mask and told me she refused to check me until I get a covid test. I told her I did get one It was negative, She didn’t listen. She still refused to check me. She only had me open my mouth and told me to breathe in. This was so very uncomfortable for me. I’ve never been through that before in my life and stood a far distance. I felt discriminated I felt embarrassed. I raised my voice and I told her she doesn’t have to see me if she feels uncomfortable with me and from there she gave me a prescription and said that I had a sinus infection without checking my nostrils when the nurse came in. The nurse says when she sees you to come back she wants to do video chat. Why all of a sudden am I going to do video chat when I’ve been seeing her now for some time in person because I’m not vaccinated, I’m feeling very confused about the situation. She made me feel like I was infected with something. I’m 60 years old and the way I’m feeling there’s no explaining. I don’t know if I should speak to a lawyer. I don’t know what I should do at this point right now. I feel like I will never go back to that doctor again

Found At: UMC Centennial Primary Care – Doctor visit

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