United Auto Recovery

While I totally agree with my car finance company should have repossessed my vehicle, because I am the one who fell behind in payments, I have something to say about United Auto Recovery. The company as a whole may be a honest one, but many of it’s employees are thieves (as in stealing personal possessions out of the vehicles). If you should find your vehicle repossessed, and you should try to avoid the situation from arising in the first place, do not take UAR’s word or sign any statement stating that “they did not go through” your vehicle before looking for yourself. Check that to be exactly the case before signing the agreement.
Granted that you’ve just had your car repossessed, have gone through huge expenses to satisfy the financier, and you finally get your vehicle. You’re relieved just to have your vehicle back, and unless you realize something big, such as you stereo system is intact, you’ll just pay the fees and drive away. Not until days later will you realize small things, expensive or not, are missing. The company should hold its drivers, lot attendants feet to the fire. Just because you have been given the authority to remove a vehicle DOES NOT give you the authority to pick through it and take anything you like. I am speaking directly about the United Auto Recovery Company outlet in Clarksville, TN. BC 06/07/2012.

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