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I, Tamara K Matteson, Employee# 6349853, from Vinton County Ohio, located in McArthur, Ohio, resigned my position today as a Census Field Supervisor! My Census Field Manager is the most rudest person I have ever dealt with in my life! Not only did I put up with her rudeness since the day I attended my first day of training, at Brigg Library located in Ironton, Oho! I was the only one in the training class that did not get my iPad and my iPhone did not work! I had to use my personal computer to do my training and had several issues with getting help from her, so I did it on my own which took me all night sometimes because my computer did not allow me to check the done boxes like the iPad would have done! I have dealt with Nicole’s rudeness and I dealt with it up to the point she expected me to ignore my trainees that were trained under me! Nicole personally called me and told me to deal with my own team, and not to worry about the others! i ask her, so I am just suppose to ignore these texts I get continuously throughout the day from trainees that need help and cant find it elsewhere? These trainees needed help and I was instructed by Nicole, in the beginning, to help all of our own trainees! Enumerators were texting me personally because of issues they were having with different circumstances because they knew I would give them the best answers I could and if I couldn’t, I would find out for them! They were not getting answer from anyone else and only had the three CFS’s numbers whom trained them on orientation day! Nicole tells us to only deal with the people we trained, so this is what I focused on! I helped many Enumerators complete their training requirements needed to successfully complete their final assessment and Knowledge test! They would sometimes call me in the early hour of the morning (1am or so)! I answered their calls faithfully! Most of the time I never charged for the time I assisted these Enumerators! On this day, August 13, 2020, an Enumerator whom I trained text me to ask about her badge she had not received, so I texted our group CFS’s and I ask my manager and several other CFS’s who might be this individuals CFS and ask them to get a hold of their team member, because I personally tried to direct an Enumerator into the right direction, because they had no idea of who their CFS was, because they were never informed by the CFS that they were under them or in their team! I wanted to let this Enumerator know who her CFS was, so she could contact them with any issues or concerns! My manager, Nicole Feliciani, not only belittled me in the whole group of CFS’ throughout my area, she personal called me and told me to mind to my own team, which changed daily! I noticed she was taking all the best Enumerators and given to a specific CFS! After realizing this, I assumed it was because of the bonus that was offered by the census bureau for the best team! This was the last straw that broke the camels back! I decided on this day that I could not and would not deal with her scornful behavior toward me anymore! No matter what I tried to do for this woman she belittled me! I had a trunk full of broken down boxes, which I broke down myself and loaded in my car, from our orientation, I carried around with me since August 5th, our last day of orientation! No appreciation for that! I ran errand after errand delivering badges and getting paperwork signed or redone by Enumerators! I worked from the time I opened my eyes until way after midnight doing my duties and getting ready for the next day! Half hour break after five hours is a joke! It doesn’t exist in this job! I have cried all night because of the way that woman made me feel! Never have I left a job, due to such
circumstances that I dealt with Nicole Feliciana! I would never leave my trainees hanging, nor would I ever ignore then when they text me personally with a problem with their training material! I had no help during my training and I know what it felt like, I was treated as if I should know what to do it is all self explainatory! was when I was being trained! I cried many nights trying accomplish a job that I applied for and being the military brat I am I was taught to do it right or don’t do it at all! I am on SSD because of my depression and this lady has give me a set back! I was expected to ignore my obligations at home and jump ever time she hollered! I have two elderly parents I have to tend to, a garden that went to hell and three dogs that wondered why I was never home or why I had no time for them! I was total distress in just the one month of my employment with the Census 2020! I worked three phases of the Census Bureau 2010 and loved it! I want to sue this Lady and the way she treated me so she will never do it to another soul!

Found At: United States Census Bureau ACO 2370 South Point, Ohio 45680/Philadelphia Regional Census Center – Census field manager nicole m feliciani

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