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Nov 28, 2022

In summer 2022, I was employed by Universal Windows Direct as a Sales Closer. At first it seemed like a great job, until I quickly learnt that the company has toxic leadership and uses manipulative tactics in a BRAINWASHING presentation to get potential customers to purchase their low quality windows and home improvement products. Additionally, Sales Representatives sometimes aren’t paid commissions for up to 90 days. I wouldn’t advise my worst enemy to do business with Universal Windows Direct.

While working at Universal Windows Direct, I was severely harassed, bullied and threatened with physical violence by Eric Wilkowski, Sales Manager in Columbus, OH. Wilkowski has been with the company for more than 15 years and is childhood friends with its’ owner William Barr (who is now deceased). Wilkowskis’ unbearable toxicity, and disparate treatment against African Americans is unregulated “but for” nepotism.

Around late August, 2022, I received a call from Sam Roberts, Sales Manager in Charlotte, NC. During that conversation I expressed to Roberts that Wilkowski threatened me with physical violence by getting into my face, yelling and nearly touching my eyeball with his finger. I specifically asked that he not recite my grievance to Wilkowski or Human Resources, because I was in fear that I’d get fired. Unfortunately, Roberts almost immediately spread word about our conversation. As a result, Wilkowski sent me a text message demanding that I arrive at the office and return my work gear. Wilkowski pressured me to recite the conversation I had with Roberts. I was bullied, manipulated and given an ultimatum. Wilkowski stated that if he heard any additional grievances, he’d fire me immediately. Around this same time I was invited to a Teams Meetings with the Human Resources Department. Out of fear, I did not mention the incident; because I was under the impression that they already knew about Wilkowskis’ pattern of behavior. Wilkowski, as office manager, went from assigning me 2-3 leads per day to 1 lead every other day even though my Sales Closing Ratio improved. Upon information and belief, he did this to give white Sales Closer an unfair advantage; because they weren’t as talented.

About two weeks later, I arrived at the office to replace a defective torch lighter. Wilkowski once again got in my face, fist closed and disrespected me in front of multiple co-workers. Wilkowski followed me around the office, yelling at the top of his lungs while calling me a thief. In compliance with Ohio Law, I secretly recorded the incident.

After interacting with a number of co-workers it became apparent that Wilowskis’ behavior towards African American salesmen proceeds him, in fact, two former co-workers classified his behavior to the liking of a slave master. Wilkowski doesn’t hire women and takes a professional liken to white salesman while consistently blurring the lines of professionalism by disclosing his personal life to me.

After the company discontinued my training pay, Wilkowski demanded that I learn a canvassing script, divert personal funds to a gas budget and knock doors to generate my own leads without ANY pay. I asked Wilkowski why the company wasn’t in compliance with Ohio State Law, and asked that the company continue to pay my base pay if I was to become a canvasser.

Simultaneously, Wilkowski consistently demanded that I arrive at the Office while white co-workers did not show up. Further, Wilkowski assigned hot leads to some white salesmen who’s closing ratio was 30% while my closing ratio was at 52%. Theoretically, Wilkowski expected me to waste resources, and work for free while playing favoritism towards white men who’d garner untapped commissions.

On September 29th, 2020, I sent an email to Wilkoswki, Roberts, and Universal Windows Directs’ Human Resource Department putting in a Two Weeks Notice because of the malfeasance listed above. Two months later, I’m still begging the company to pay owed commissions.

Today, I went into the Columbus, OH Office demanding answers about owed money. Wilkoswki then instructed a two Sales Closer to get physical with me so that he and Universal Windows Direct can escape liability. This too was recorded. A Sales Representative who i’ve never meet claimed that if he was an independent contractor he’d beat me up for Wilkoski. This type of toxicity is completely normal at Universal Windows Direct and in all of their offices.

In conclusion, working for Universal Windows Direct was one of the worst experiences I’ve had. The hour and a half presentation “scripted” me to cry in order to close deals. Additionally, Universal Windows Direct contacted customers, and defamed me to conceal the fact that I’m still owed commissions for deals I closed months ago. Attached hereto is my hand-typed Universal Windows Direct Script.

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