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I had a man approach when I was doing yardwork and he was selling magazines. I live in cul-de-sac so seeing someone walking around in black slacks and a white button down shirt was out of the ordinary. He was friendly and very talkative. He had a good story about selling these magazines to help himself, to create jobs for inner city youth and to help feed his nine year old daughter. I’m a sucker-thats a given and if you ask me to buy something then 9 out of 1o times I am going to buy it. So I signed up for 2 magazines and then he aske if I could possibly buy 2 more so he could get points that would help him get a promotion. It was about feeding his daughter, I couldn’t say no.

I signed up for 4 magazines and then he was ready for his check. The minimum subscription timeframe was for 2 years per magazine-all of which you pay for up front. My total was $261 and as I was writing the check I was wondering how angry my husband was going to be when I told him. This entire sales pitch took about 45 minutes.

As soon as he left I got online and went to and there isn’t a great deal on the website. I found a contact number and got a voicemail. Then I looked online and found a “direct line” to their CEO and this voicemail was just for a cell phone without a real voice mail message set up.

I started reading all the online complaints and my stomach started turning. There are a lot of complaints out there. One man said he drove around until he found his salesperson and got his check back. I thought about that and did the exact same tihng. I was nervous, but he gave me my check back. I talked to him another 10-15 minutes as he tried to get me to talk to him manager to prove the company was real. A number he was going to dial on his cell phone. Also he said the company had been around 20 years. I told him the website said the company was established in August 2003. He didn’t know what to say to that. At the end of this entire ordeal he finally just asked me for a tip for all the word he had put into his sale. I didn’t have any cash or my guilty conscience would have given it to him.

I know I’m gullible, but it was just too much money to give up to a scam. I am not saying the salesperson was scamming me, but the company he works for just doesn’t appear to be legit and it has a lot of BBB complaints filed against it. The Better Business Bureau rates it an “F.” That isn’t a good sign.

So everyone out there just be careful and remember its ok to say “no thank you.” Even though that is harder for some of us to say.

Found At: Urban Nation Ent – Scam

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