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I recently turned in my 2012 Chrysler 200 lease and was informed the car had excessive wear and tear that I would be liable to pay for. The wheel mark turned out to be road tar that was easily released with bug and tar remover and the scratches on the front bumper were minor and less than the size stated in the turn in book sent to me.

I informed them of this and they stated I would have to present pictures and other evidence (whatever that means) to attempt to reverse the charges! Really! They obviously do not care about being fair and honest and they do not have any concerns about your valuable time!

They also charged me for an additional months lease payment and when I questioned them they stated the fee was paid on 8-8-2015 and was not logged into the system until [protected] two days after the turn in date. The reality is I pay all of my bills a month in advance and the received payment on 7-5-2015 for the last lease payment. I cannot believe they lied over the phone and tried to convince me it was my fault! They did adjust the lease payment out of the final settlement statement.

I sent the check in for the final settlement to avoid any negative credit reports (my credit rating is at 820). I plan on filing a small claims suit to have them answer for their actions!

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Found At: US Bank – unethical behaviour

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