First of all, their post date sucks. One day i could have 200 and the next day after the arrange the transactoins i will some how have 180. Secondly, their insurance sucks! I was paying almost $400.00 a month for insurance and then realized this is so stupid. So i filled out a quote on GEICO and saved about $200.00 for the same exact policy coverage. And then the one that really takes the cake…A loan company said i filled out an application with them online and they tried to charge my checking account 3 times. My account was already negative because of how USAA post dates transactions…so it added to the negative. I did have another checking account though with money in it. So, today i look at my account and notice USAA cleared out the account with money to cover the negative charges. Keep in mind, i called weeks earlier and talked to the fraud department about the loan company. the guy acted like i was the criminal and said if i was lieing i would have my accounts closed. SOO, now here i am with no money for up to 5 days while USAA tries to do an investigation that should have happened weeks ago. They just act like they dont care about my finances. How am i supposed to eat for 5 days? Luckily i do have a $200.00 refund coming and trust, i am taking it out as soon as it posts…and then on March 1st i will be leaving USAA to go to a new bank. i have never had so many problems with any bank! DO NOT USE USAA! You will learn the hard way that they dont care about the military peoiple as they claim!

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