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On january 15, 2021, I sold my car for $2, 025 usd to a car buyer called peddle. I deposited a paper check for it via the mobile deposit tool in the app. $200 of it cleared immediately. However, a few days later, I attempted to spend more of it and my card keep declining. I called the bank for the first of many times, and they kept telling me that the check would bounce. Days passed, and on my end, the check cleared. Not only did the funds remain in my account, they began to collect interest. I called usaa more times, delivering requested evidence from the people who bought my car and their bank. I still received no updates and my bank account is still frozen. I spoke with them this morning at around 5:20 am to see if I could get any more results. All the member of the executive resolution team could do was submit a request for the fraud team to review the account with no way to contact the fraud team directly. She said that the fraud team would review the request in up to three business days, which means I would hear back from them by thursday. It’s been nearly three weeks of this. I will attach the documents I used as proof that the check would not return. Thank you.

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