I was involved in an accident with a USAA customer. Mr. Mark Burski contacted me. I was trying to negotiate the fault percentage. He taped my statement about the accident. A few weeks later he denied my offer and I requested a statement from his client. He said “You will not get that”. I said, “I gave you mine” He replied-“You provided me with the statement and you will not get my clients”. Very rude, and unethical as far as I’m concerned. He is worse than aused car salesman.

He then agreed to his client being 35% at fault and sent me a letter stating that and that he was sending me a check for the 35% of approx. $2549 in a few days. This was on May 22, 2008. I have not received any correspondence at all from the company or him. I called the “complaint” dept. Ms. Billingsly with absolutely no response. I believe they have made a commitment that they do not want to fulfill and will not contact me at all. My next step is to file a Better Business complaint. Nice company and ethics huh?

Found At: USAA – terrible service

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