I live in Europe. In order to purchase goods from some US stores it is necessary to contract an agent who supplies a US delivery address and then forwards the goods to you (for a fee). All of these agents are much alike. They do what they promise. I have used several over the years and never had a problem. Most will offer a ‘buy for me’ service wherby you choose the US store and the goods required. The agent then buys the goods and you pay the agent using a debit card or PayPal. UsGoBuy cropped up on a search and I decided to use them to buy some items from Walmart (WM). I chose the goods and payed UsGoBuy.. Big mistake. After 14 days there was no sign the goods had arrived at their storehouse for onward transmission to me. Attempts to contact USGB (8) and emails (4) produced no response. I decided to do a little investigation. This company is not based in Portlànd but in China. I raised a dispute with PayPal which resulted in an email from ‘monica’ (sic) at USGB stating that WM ‘always cancel orders’ (news to me). And that I should wait (beginning to sound familiar?). At the time of writing this, there is no response from USGB. I continue with my PayPal dispute. USGB are daft. The order from WM was for $140. Hardly a kings ransom and we’ll worth their name not appearing here. Beware! There are some dodgy folk out there…

Found At: UsGoBuy – failure to deliver goods

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