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I spoke to a Shivonne in Dr. Remigio’s office this afternoon. I let her know that my daughter would be a new patient and she needs to be treated for depression. Shivonne asked if she had a PCP. I said she had been treated before at CHRISTUS, but the doctor would no longer treat her because she aged out. They will not see 14+ year olds and my daughter is 15 now. My daughter just needs help. 
The woman on the phone said she would ask the doctor if she would be willing to see my daughter, but probably not if we are not establishing future visits. I explained to her that clearly my daughter would need future care, because it often takes a while to get medications right. So we would have to go back for follow-ups. She told me that the doctor would just refer her out for her depression to the Tyler Counseling center, and that is $400+ to be established. But if we are not going to go back to Dr. Remigio for other stuff, then they will not see my daughter at all.
My daughter cannot be seen with her PCP because she has aged out. We were trying to switch to a new doctor. This new doctor will not treat her on the off-chance that she could not get her in for other things besides depression. I specifically said “so, you won’t see her for a visit because you may not be able to make money off us in the future?” She said that wasn’t the case. 
I called another clinic (not UTHealth) who finally understood the severity of the situation and got us an appointment on Monday. During this call, Shivonne called me back, to which I did not answer.
She left me a voicemail stating the doctor denied seeing my daughter. A 15 year old with severe depression, who NEEDS to be seen. This is absolutely intolerable. Why is this doctor practicing for money, and not to treat patients? Clearly we would be establishing her as a new patient, but there was a chance, in their eyes, that they may not make further money from us so they did not want to risk it. 
They put their need for money above patient care. My daughter also has scoliosis and will need yearly check-ups at least for x-rays. Plus, she is a teenager and coming into her own and so will need check ups anyway. They did not even bother asking what other problems she may have. 
Her visits will be self-pay, so maybe that is the issue. That it is not worth taking on someone who pays cash because they cannot unnecessarily bill in the future. Despite this, a 15 year old girl was flat-out denied treatment because they’re in cahoots with another place that charges a ridiculous amount of money, and that they can’t guarantee billing on this new patient at their clinic.
Absolutely appalling. Teenagers are dying from suicide at a higher rate now more than ever and the fact that THIS is the concern of your doctors is absolutely terrifying. I would not be surprised if there were a lawsuit should something happen to someone because they are denied care. If there is a child out there that needs help, their help should be established regardless. 
I am VERY pleased with the other clinic outside of UTHealth that I spoke to. They were very concerned and knew that the patient comes first. This is why doctors become doctors. To help people, not for a paycheck like your doctors clearly are doing. I have never been more appalled with a clinic in my life, and their clear lack of care of a child. 

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