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To Whom This May Concern;
I am very sadden by the service that was received by both managers on Thursday July 11, 2019, more so by your manager Dee who obviously she was not given a last name by her parents. I will never patronize any Value Village due to the tone Mrs. Dee and Mr. Anthony has display, I will rather travel 30 miles away to Park Avenue Thrift or Salvation Army (prices are way higher but has better customer service). Anyway after I browsed and was interested in purschasing 3 storages and some other items, being a person who is trying to own my business and I try to shop in these types of environment. I asked one of the service workers about the pricing of one of the storage prices because sometimes we are all human we make mistakes ( the broken item was priced at $5.05 and the other the non broken storage was priced at $4.05. The young man proceeded to make contact Mrs. Dee because he told me that he was not in charge of pricing. Mrs. Dee did showed up. I wish she never did, her rude explanation was because I priced it that way with a unnecessary tone. I as a customer just felt there was not need for her tone. I felt attacked and very uncomfortable about that shopping experience. I did not go any farther with a conversation with her any longer. I then proceeded to the front and asked the other manager Anthony who also has no last name as well for your corperate number he proceeded to tell me that that the number is by the front door and that is the only number that corperate provides. Words can not express how disappointed by the service rendered by your managers displayed 1 was just uncomformably rude (Dee)and the other manager (Anthony) was just uncertain about his working environment which is sad if your dealing with customers your immediate want is to set a tone of making customers feel like they matter and to diffuse any situation to make all parties be at ease. Its sad in these times nobody gives no consideration for one another. At times I know customers/ clients can be trying although I didn’t do anything but ask a question because I thought it was a human mistake. I hope that this does not happen again. I understand I am one customer but I hope that your employees are taught to conduct business better for near future.

Thank You
Keisha Bryant
7179 Highway 212
Covington, Ga 30016

I hope that I am heard and not just ignored by your company because customers need to feel safe and not attacked verbally by employees who don’t know how to conduct professionalism because its the thing to do, even in this messed up world. Some of us still care about how we are talked to and how we talk to others.

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