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I too contracted Van Kirk to build my pool back in 2004. They broke ground on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and my yard was a debacle for that holiday weekend and for 6 more months to come. They were never on schedule accept when the salesman was on his way to pick up the check and have never dealt with such idiocies in my life. They ruined my fence and my drive way as well and were blatantly told that there was nothing that they could do because of the limited access to my house.

So right after they break ground they tell me my yard needs to be de-mucked. I live on the water (canal front) and they did know that my soil would have to be checked but didn’t disclose it to me prior to the start of the job because it would have been a deal breaker for me. They had already collected ($12K) payment and threatened that if I didn’t pay to de-muck ($5K) they wouldn’t be able complete the pool and therefore would loose my payment. So I have the yard de-mucked and they form the pool and tell me they are using the best material GUNITE and come to find out it’s not the best and that it’s a much cheaper material. So once the pool is in place the start putting their VK pavers and throws down the WORST diamond brite job I have ever seen. There were not only foot prints, but big trowel marks and pits all over the place and they did end up re-doing the diamond brite but it too was a terrible job and I too was just so tired of fighting with them that I just told them to move on.

First they install the Jandy remote inside my house and then they never run the electric to my spa and therefore the remote inside my house is no good. They come rip out the Jandy unit inside they don’t even patch the holes and tell me that they are giving me an upgrade to a pool remote. Yeah they are the worst! The remote didn’t even last (5) years and when I call them to have it replaced they tell me it cost $900 plus installation.

As for the shoddy equipment they use it’s true do not use Van Kirk to build your pool…you will be sorry. I have spent thousands more on a new remote, my salinity cell blew, my pump blew plus other things and every time I call them they give me the same song & dance. I’m sorry ma’am but that’s not warranted. I did report them to the BBB and never got anywhere with that either. Lastly after the $5K to have my yard de-mucked all my pavers are sinking and cracked and I called them within the last year and guess what they told me? I am sorry ma’am but those are no longer under warranty. If you are thinking about getting a Van Kirk pool DON’T and if you like I will be glad to show you my pool and how it was the worst $50, 000 that I have ever spent.

Found At: Van Kirk & Sons, Inc. – Poor Workmanship & Bad Warrantee

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