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Went to school here for a year and a half and this is what I got. Everyday was 8am – 1pm, I got out of class everyday at 11am or 12pm. Early everyday for a year and a half. Lost out on numerous hours of study thanks to the teachers. Teachers teaching at the college didn’t have master degrees in the subjects they were teaching. Every single test given in the program had cheat sheets word for word and the teachers were passing them out. The license I received in hvac also had cheat sheets for all four catagories word for word. The lab that was set up for us to work in was moved from one building to another and we were responsible for moving all the equipment which made me wonder why we were doing this instead of studying our topic at hand. I think they just wanted to save some money so they had the students do all the work. The classrooms were 30 students at times and 1 teacher. This college had I want your money written all over it. I have never heard from the college since graduating. I feel this college is only out for your money and have no concern for you after you graduate. I was a top notch student and was on the deans list with perfect attendance but it doesn’t matter anyway. I couldn’t find work in building maintenance anywhere but apartment complexes and that just isn’t going to pay the bills so I refuse to pay on this student loan because I was deceived in believing I was receiving a quality education. I don’t think I should be liable for this loan anymore. Keith rodgers.

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