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Why is SingTel helping VedeTV to charged me for something I didn’t subscribe too? I also do not know what VedeTV is and yet I find it absurb that Singtel fraudulently help VedeTV to charge me! I want a refund and I want VedeTV Blocked!

I received messages from 7113 8 as follows:
“Your VedeTV weekly subscription will be renewed on 10/Sep/2017 for $10.00 incl. all taxes to ur Singtel acct. To stop, visit

I could not believe SingTel collaborate with VedeTV to fraudulantly charged me. I have today called 1688 to stop further charges and was informed that SingTel doesn’t know what is VedeTV. How then SingTel charges its customer for an unknown 3rd Party billing?

Found At: VedeTV – I am being charged for vedetv which I didn’t subscribe to

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