Larsen's Towing - Illegal vehicle towing

I purchased a BMW 525i 2001 a year ago. It started to break down within weeks of purchase. So after 4 Tow Truck trips and over two and a half thousand dollars in repairs later, I could no longer afford to keep this car. It has been frankly the worst car purchase I have ever made. I made an arrangement with the yard that they on-sell the car on my behalf, and stupidly did not go onto the yard and check things until 8 weeks later. All communication during the 8 weeks was via email and in a polite and positive tone. I had even thanked them for their help!.

This yard also did the repairs (not covered by insurance) so they made big money out of me over and above the sale.

Anyway there had obviously been no effort to sell my car over the past 8 weeks, it was dirty, had cob webs on it and wouldn’t even start as the battery was flat! The genuine BMW mats I had purchased had been removed. They did not notify me that the Rego had expired three weeks ago so it is was not even legal to test drive. It was boxed in by other cars and difficult to access. Basically it was hidden in the furthest corner of the yard. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is no way to present a car for sale, and they know it.

And to top it off when I approached the only sales man about my concerns he said I am just a sales man you will need to come back next week and speak to management. I asked if John the Manager was there, (I knew he worked weekends as I had been communicating with him via email), and the man I was talking to blushed and admitted he was John. Basically he pretended to be someone else to avoid the obvious disgraceful fact that he had been deceitful. Pathetic.

This car yard is proof that the old saying is true, never trust a used car sales man.

Found At: Vision Autos New Lynn – Unethical Used Car salesmen

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