Vittorio Serrago Reviews

Jan 31, 2023

Vittorio Serrago is scammer using Caisse De Credit Ltd as his scam vehicle.

Vittorio phone is +35722007543 (Cyprus number & still active).

He claim he is Italian citizen, who live in Nicosia (Cyprus). He say he have son who live in Miami (Florida, USA)

I know Vittorio Serrago from a black South Africa guy name Paul Mogore (+27825405506 this number still active). I know Paul Mogore from whatsapp group, at that time Paul Mogore is posting a loan service & i PM Paul Mogore whatssap.

The conversation continue & Paul Mogore send many PDF’s data about Vittorio Serrago (his passport, his CV) & about Caisse De Credit Ltd (Cyprus chamber of commerce, bank statement, bank confirmation letter from Bank of Cyprus).

So i try to apply loan to Vittorio for a couple of millions US$, i have to send my data & have to pay US$ 20,000 as admin fee. I agree but before i send the money i have to do video calls or zoom meeting with Vittorio. He seems afraid & always make excuses if i asked a zoom call.

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