I went to vodacom shop on 03/02/2021 in lichtenburg to ask them for help on my account. It was already 09:00 when I arrived, and the lady swiping the floor in the shop was very rude to me and told me the were not open and will be open at 09:00 but it was already 09:00 and the two guys sitting in the shop was not even greeting me and I promise I wasn’t rude to them. I asked them, what was the time and no one answered me. My husband was still on the outside and I went back out and he asked me why because it is 09:00 and the doors was unlocked for customers so why did the lady send me out and was very rude to me? So we went back in and the she was like come! What is your number?!
I asked the man I don’t understand because maybe our wastes is like a minute differed than theirs but still none answered me so the one buy ask what can he help me with but didn’t greet me or stand up or nothing. Just give me a sort answer to my questions and a number to sort out my problem myself at vodacom, even when the system told me to go to my nearest shop. I was very disappointing to be handled as rude and just left. If there is any cameras you’re free to see the way the lady talked to me and how angry she was when I came back in. I’m sorry but this is not a way to handle any client and why was she still cleaning if it was already 09:00 and why didn’t any of the men stand up and great me or at least asked me to wait outside for 2 min or whatever.
To tell you the truth this wasn’t the first time that I went there and they are always like rude and not really want to help and then it wasn’t even for advice it was when I wanted to buy a charger and they were also rude and didn’t greet.

Found At: Vodacom – Service at vodacom shop

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