My husband retired from Muscogee Co. School board as a bus driver. His retirement date was 6/1/19. We were sent a bill for $3, 995.09. For 7/1/19-10/01/19. We never agreed to pay this amt. for health insurance nor can we pay that. How can we be expected to pay something we never agreed to. We had no help filling out his retirement forms because we were told the person had been on leave for a long time. And I asked could someone else help us and we were told no. The Muscogee County School District in Columbus Georgia is where my husband retired after 19 years. The insurance we had was BCBS/Anthem State Health Benefit Plan. At the time he retired he was not on Medicare part B. He had to get it and once again we had trouble getting MCSD to fill out paper for Social Security. They said all of my husbands paperwork was moved to Atlanta, GA and they had to get someone there to tell them the information they needed to fill out the form. He did get on part b starting in September 1, 2019.

Found At: WageWorks – Health insurance

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