United Medical Center - negligence

Wale Ayorinde Odimayo is a fraud, dupe and an immoral human being who either needs to be sent to prison, deported or condemned. I order a 40 ft shipping container with him in April-June 2009 from Baltimore MD USA. Wale collected over $10, 000 from me but refuses to provide bill of Laden (BOL) for my clients to clear their container which contained 2006 BMW 7 series, 2009 Toyota Sequoia and a machine on arriving at the Port in Lagos Nigeria. My client had to hire a lawyer when the shipping company (AEShipping) refuses to provide them their BOL. In additon, they had to pay an additional $4350 to the shipping company AEshipping. I have been paying my client back their money.Wale has since only sent me $650 money order in Dec 2009. He still owes me $3700. The fact that I was referred by a long time high school friend of his who is my uncle didn’t deter him from duping me.This was even a time when I lost my job and just had my son. Wale has no conscience and empathy. Everyone needs to be warned about him. I still can’t phanthom how he is still in business and able to register his Bridgemons LLC with Florida Department of State. He gives Nigerians trying to make an honest living a bad name/reputation. He his a crook and theif.
I should have let my client sue him and lock him up back then. But I tried to give him an opportuinty to clear himeself. He failed miserably.I have proof of all transactions.

Found At: Wale Odimayo – Shipping/Transportation

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