On Sunday 1/12/2020 I went to this Walgreens to do a little shopping.I was using my OTC benefit card.There are yellow tags in front of items on the store shelf.This informs the customers as to whether or not the item is OTC available.All of my items scanned as OTC available via the app and the store shelf identity. When I got to checkout, the problem was immediate.Two of the diabetic items suddenly, scanned on the register as unavailable.The cashier insisted payment out of pocket.My brother was standing next to me.He was shocked, after seeing me scan the items before checkout via OTC app.I scanned the 2 items in front of the cashier.She insisted that the items were not available. So, I asked her to remove the 2 items from my purchase.She called the manager up front, to remove the 2 items.I proceeded by paying for the rest of my items.This an elaborate scheme to steal money from prople.The items scan as available via the OTC app, and the yellow tag on store shelf identified the items as OTC available. So, how did the register ring up the items as unavailable?The following day Sunday 1/13/2020, I called the Customer Relations Department.To date, nobody have returned my call, even after a follow up call on Tuesday 1/21/2020.I keep being told, somebody from higher up will call me by Friday 1/24/2020 ( will see).I did speak to the another in store manager, who tried his best to make me out to be a liar.Even after telling him that my insurer verified the line of products, he still disagreed…an idiot.I will be moving my business elsewhere as quick as I can.This store have a real evil agenda, and customer service isn’t one of them.People like these crooks always cry they work hard for the money.Stealing from poor blacks isn’t considered working hard…in my Law books I studied in, this is a crime, criminal behavior. Just how many customers have this Walgreens been playing games on, stealing money from them?This is why the items are not showing as OTC available on their website.Don’t want to give themselves away to easy.

Found At: Walgreens – cerave diabetic skin relief

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