After 7 days of being hired for the Walgreens Work at Home E-Commerce (balance rewards) Specialist position i was fired due to not achieving a certain score on a quiz! I attended all my training on time, downloaded all required programs with no issues, I was attentive in virtual training and asked questions, i did all that was required of me during this 7 days of training. Upon my 7th day of Training i recieve the following message
“Please call me at my number below upon receiving this email.
Thank you”.
Jack Bell
Human Resources Generalist, Pharmacy & Retail Centralized Services
Walgreen Co. | 8325 South Park Cir, STE 200, Orlando, FL 32819
Telephone [protected] | Fax [protected]

I was unaware of what was about to come, Mr Bell informs me due to not recieving a passing score on a quiz i was being terminated! this i feel was very unfair for Walgreens to do to a dedicated worker that appreciated the job they got hired for. Please see my response below:

Like i was trying to convey to you! in all my 58 years i have never been fired from a job..28 years working for ~~~~~ and perfect attendance! a successful Business owner also. During my time in training i have been in attendance everyday! had no computer issues! always was on mute as to not disturb others in class and always professional and asked questions… I guess i am extremely confused as to why i am “FIRED”over a small test? i fail to see what that has to do with providing excellent customer service and navigating systems to help the customer? have you ever listened to me even take a call? how can you say i would not of followed SOP or would not of done 100 percent? I am very disappointed on the reasoning and sorry to say i will be taking my business also elsewhere.


Found At: Walgreens: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 43 | ComplaintsBoard

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