Today I am having a maintenance prescription filled for testosterone cypionate 200mg per ml. I have had this prescription filled here for years. Lately when it is time to be filled it is held up “because of an insurance issue”. I have to call back in after a couple of days and file a complaint in order to finally get this filled although the moment I do there is no longer any problem filling the prescription. I have also been treated like a drug addict when I try to buy the syringes in the appropriate quantity necessary to inject my testosterone prescription. That is ridiculous!
On september 12, 2020 I was on my way home from having had a full shoulder replacement on september 11. I had a pain prescription for hydrocodone. This same pharmacy held up filling this prescription for “an insurance issue” for 2 days until I filed a complaint again. Once I filed it was filled within 5 minutes. Can you imagine not having pain medication following a shoulder replacement for the first 2 days? Certainly my surgeon could not believe it! Even if they were trying to see if the prescription was valid they never called my surgeon’s office to confirm.
Since I ran pharmacies for 35 years I know that these actions are ridiculous. While I recognize the need for caution it is irresponsible for any pharmacist to simply withhold a patient’s prescription and ignore it until they complain.in the case of testosterone it is as simple as looking at the patient history and seeing that it is a maintenance drug being filled at the appropriate refill intervals. The same with the number of syringes being purchased. As to post major surgery withholding of pain medication the pharmacist should potentially have their license revoked. There is no acceptable reason why any pharmacist should not care about the legitimate pain of a patient. It is simply completely irresponsible and since I have filed complaints previously directly with walgreens it is apparent that they do not care enough to take any action to correct this issue on a permanent basis. Certainly I should never be placed in a position where I must make repeated phone calls in order to have appropriate, legally prescribed medications filled.

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