Waste Management [WM]

I’ve been a faithful customer since 2009. Have had multiple problems with pickup over the years. Prices are extremely high. When I called to arrange discontinuation of service, I was told that there would be a $75 charge to pick up containers. The next bill I received was $123.07. I sat on hold for customer service for over 30 minutes and then was transferred to a different department. It was explained that extra fees & charges were added to the $75 charge because a new invoice was sent. When I asked for a complaint department, I was told there was none. This was confirmed when I went to website and there was no “contact us” option.

So very disappointed with how this company continues to take advantage of the customer and make it so difficult to deal with them. This is exactly why we have changed our provider. Well, that and the fact that the new provider is nearly half the cost.

I feel sorry for the customer service reps who have to try to defend how this company operates.

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Found At: Waste Management [WM] – Garbage collection

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