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On July 10 and 15, 2008 we experienced large hail in Lethbridge and our tar and gravel roof started to leak afterward. We notified the insurance company who has refused to cover repair to the roof even though they did pay for the front window where the seal was broken and it had moisture inside. We have a policy with replacement cost that we have been paying for for years, so, is this why they are reneging on this contract? The adjuster tried to intimidate us by telling me that if we pursued the issue, then they would not cover damages at our other home where our daughter lives and where water got inside from the damaged roof there. The adjusters frequently did not get back to us and delayed, delayed. Due to the intimidation, I decided to make sure the severe damage at our daughter’s home was repaired before I pursued this issue. In March 2009 the adjuster asked for damage estimates to the roof and window. They covered the window but denied the roof. They told me I would have to go to arbitration. On April 23, 2008 my roof now started to leak in the dining room after thawing from a cold snap and snow storm. I reported this but did not get response. I did not hear anything by July 14 and completed Alberta Small Claims papers as I wouldn’t be able to after one year went by. The court took us to mediation and we agreed on the arbitration of two roofers and an impartial umpire if necessary. Roofers couldn’t agree and the Ins. Co roofer pushed our roofer to unknowingly select a roofer who is a PREFERRED CONTRACTOR to the Insurance Co. I refused to proceed with this as at the time of my claim the insurance adjuster had sent me two papers with this roofer they selected as their top REFERRED CONTRACTOR. I phoned the head adjuster and complained that they pushed my roofer to select an umpire who was a top preferred contractor to Wawanesa questioning his impartiality. He got mad and told me they didn’t have any preferred contractors and wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I had two lists that they themselves sent me. He now told me they discontinued having any preferred contractors – how convenient!
He falsely accused me of having used a roofer who used to be a police officer same as me which is totally wrong. He stated that he wasn’t going to pay for the roof no matter what and I could do what I want.
We are going back to the Court mediation on Jan 12, 2010.

I hold videos and photographs of the actual hail on July 15, 2008. Photos of roof leaking over patio. Photos of damage to the roof vents and gravel knocked off the roof, broken roof vents on our motor home and photos of the roof and leaking into the dining room. Recently I found a video of the same hail storm on U-tube. This video was taken at a residence approximately 1 mile straight north of our home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0ds9YpIAzc .
Howard Brown const. on the preferred contractors list was the one the Wawanesa roofer pushed onto our roofer to be the umpire on the attachments here.

Will pursue issue to Small Debts Court if able.

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