We review Osmai FX – forex Ponzi scam claiming 41% per year returns

Facebook advert for Osmai FX.

Osmai FX claims to provide a “reliable alternative investment opportunity” that generates returns from Forex trading.

In a video and performance table on their website, the scheme claims to have generated 42% annual returns since 2016. It also claims to offer “medium to long-term growth with minimal risk” and “slow and steady returns”.

The scheme is currently advertising to UK investors via Facebook.

Who are Osmai?

Osmai claims to be registered in the British Virgin Islands as Osmai Management Limited. I was not able to verify this as the BVI company register is not freely searchable. In any case, basic incorporation is worthless for due diligence purposes.

Osmai claims to be run by a Hal Robb and provides a picture. There is a Hal Robb who has had a profile on quora.com for about three years, with the same picture, answering innocuous questions about his home country of Thailand and forex trading, but I’m very dubious it’s the same guy as that Hal Robb gives his company name as “East West Trading” rather than Osmai. Identity theft is a real possibility.

Osmai’s website also features a video by some schmuck who introduces himself as “Ben Hawkes” before reading out Osmai’s advert in front of a green screen. “Hawkes” does not claim a role in the company and appears to be a paid actor.

One thing that can be verified is that Osmai’s claim to have been running since 2016 is nonsense. Osmai’s Facebook page and website were registered in December 2020. There is no evidence that Osmai existed before this date.

How safe is the investment?

Osmai FX claims to offer “minimal risk” yet also claims to have generated 42% per year returns since 2016 (despite no public evidence of its existence until December 2020.)

The FTSE, i.e. the FTSE 100, actually generated 6% annual growth over the last five years. No-one other than Osmai FX uses “FTSE” on its own to mean the FTSE 250 (the tier below the FTSE).

On this point I think the real Hal Robb put it best on his Quora page: “All investments contain an element of risk. For a “stranger” or anyone else to not spell out the risk is a big red flag.”

Even if Osmai’s 42% returns were real, it would still be breaking the law .

Osmai’s Facebook adverts and website represent a financial promotion. Issuing financial promotions in the UK requires authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority. Osmai FX is not authorised by the FCA and does not disclose registration with any other financial regulator.

The only reason for Osmai FX to promote itself illegally instead of applying for FCA authorisation is if its fantastical returns don’t exist.

As Osmai FX has no magic strategy generating returns of 42% per year, any returns to investors will either be illusory (“numbers on a screen”) or, if real money is paid into an investor’s account, this will be funded by the investors’ own money or that of others, making Osmai FX a Ponzi scheme.

In an attempt to reassure investors that it can’t steal their money, Osmai claims “you control the money, we control the trades” and that investors’ money will be held by an Australian broker, IC markets, rather than Osmai itself.

The reality is that “you control the money, we control the trades” is nonsense. Either Osmai controls your money or it doesn’t.

Even if we take Osmai’s claim that it doesn’t have the power to simply withdraw investors’ money into its bank account at face value (and given its lies about running since 2016 and criminal activity, you shouldn’t), all it has to do is use the control investors have given it over their money to buy worthless penny shares or cryptocurrencies that it has pre-purchased. Result: Osmai’s anonymous operators disappear with investors’ money and investors are left with worthless garbage.

Should I invest with Osmai FX?

This blog does not give financial advice. The following are statements of publicly available facts or widely accepted investment principles, not a personalised recommendation. Investors should consult a regulated independent financial adviser if they are in any doubt.

Any investment offering returns of 41% per year with “minimal risk” is in reality a virtually guaranteed loser for all but those running it. The mathematics of Ponzi schemes guarantees that the vast majority, if not all, of investors will lose their money.

Do not invest unless you are prepared for total losses.

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Published at Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

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  1. Scammer
    We signed up with Arizona based Hal Booker, who now trades as above in your article Osmai FX Forex ponzi scheme Hal Robb East West Trading scam another defunct company. He had us sign up as well as many others for all his programs and in the end the FX broker went bust with all our money, we found out later this guy is on the move and sets up different names with other financial brokers and trades for their clients, very slippery character and we should have googled him before investing.
    He now trades for you and gives you the false sense of comfort that the money is in your own account with IC markets now. This is just as he has done before and his returns are bogus…The broker will end up swallowing up funds like they have done before. It’s rinse and repeat.
    There are multiple claims filed against him, but he just keeps moving on to the next scam or teaming up with another financial firm and trades under their name.
    Any info on whereabouts would be great.

  2. The guy changes his name from Hal Robb and used to be Hal Booker from Gilbert Arizona. We signed up with him and his buddy Roger and used a outfit called FVP forex trade and it imploded taking all our money with it. They get massive kick backs from the brokers that are all look regulated but are shady and definitely not trustworthy, you can read all about IC markets review and latest scam as they are not FCA regulated, be careful Mr Hal and his cronies have been at this a long time.
    if you google his names you will see he has been featured on numerous government and non government fraud financial sites for a long time, going back years and from the reviews he is at Palm springs Chang Mai Thailand. Thanks to Filth Finder for their reviews to expose..

    Scam watchers USA
    Cyberscam review
    Forex factory Scam
    Bond review forex scam
    and many others.

  3. This scarecrow wimp scammer needs shutting down permanently
    thanks for all information on above sites.

  4. Hi Mo,

    I am pretty sure people on the profile link below are Hal Rob’s crew. You can track them from the Dj’s events in Chiang Mai. The Dj is the customer director of Osamai. The new scammer channel.

    Hal Rob: hal.robb
    Ben Hawkes ben.hawkes.735

    The Dj Social Media profiles

    His Thai DJ girlfriend’s social media profile

    More info


    You can also report here in Thailand ( Department of special investigation (DSI) like the FBI)

    I hope this info will help to track them down.

  5. Matt Thank you for posting the above info, and I hope you don’t mind me copy and pasting this to Bondreview..
    Operating scams in Thailand would be a serious offence and I am sure it would be of interest for them to investigate just to get their tax money….. what a lying scam operation of peoples hard earned money.

    1. You are very welcome, Mark. Let me clarify and update the account information of the crew. I saw the two Djs around in Chiang Mai for years (They are still Djing here and Ko Samui), and my friend, who was a restaurant owner, also saw Hal Rob in Chiangmai. I can assume that most of them have been based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for years.

      Hal Robb
      Ben Hawkes
      Scott Hattrall (Private Facebook)
      Scott Hattrell (Professional profile for Osmai FX. The company is still active.)
      Hattronix (@scottyhattronix) : The Dj business page. He also belongs to the page Up:beat-Drum&Bass (Chiang Mai)
      Marchies Aeyami ( Her English name is Dj Marchie, Thai name is Aae)

      Hal Robb (radius_watches)
      Scott Hattrell (ID: hattronix)
      Marchies Aeyami (ID: marchiesaeyamix)

      Ben Hawkes
      Hal Robb
      Scott Hattrell

      Note: Dj Scott is a customer director of Osmi Fx. Dj Marchies is his girlfriend. In Chiang Mai, they usually DJ at those bars. Corner Bristo (mostly), RED CNX, BYB (Nimman) and Yoda Club (Chiangmai Land). Follow their business pages, and the customer director will be there occasionally as a DJ. Also, They usually hang out there, following the Drum&Bass crew (If anyone wants to track some drug dealers, find them there, haha ). Scott has also suspected of being a drug dealer as some people I know got drugs from him.

      The Hal Rob guy won’t be hard to track from here.

      Suppose anyone has experience tracking people by their IP address. Their social media posts will be useful.

  6. Just saw this, Hal Robb or Hal Booker as he was known back then has been scamming people for years.

    This is a carefully laid plot to lie and steal peoples money.
    find a financial firm, this one now is Osmai Fx that will go along with it and then in turn use their customers to jump on a get rich scheme.
    ASK him this to kindly send you a copy of his id DL OR PASSPORT
    ASK him how he lost all our money at Cash FX like IC MARKETS while still walking away WITH HIS MONEY AND FEW UPPER PART OF HIS TEAM, btw the money was supposed to be in a independent fiduciary account.
    ASK him how he lost 18% of all investors money in one day but yet has got the same year as a plus for the year.
    only put the amount of money you are prepared to lose everything, go to
    forex ic markets review scam
    people are having a real hard time now trying to get their money out.
    The guy is a hoax and a scammer AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN, hopefully the Thai authorities do a full investigation on him and his cronies.

  7. Thank goodness for sites like these, this scammer has opened another office or relocated from one the before. Also Hal Robb or Hal Booker his previous alias now has a filing complaint against him with SEC.
    He is not SEC regulated, yet flaunts phony results with smaller financial companies, here is the SEC complaint form for them and they encourage people to let them know how many victims there are out there in order to expedite. https://www.sec.gov/oiea/Complaint.html

  8. Report the Hal Robb AKA Hal Booker scam here
    www.actionfraud.police.uk or call 0300 123 2040.
    You can also make a single or group litigation legal action against Osmai Fx for failing to verify documents of past results and have a open/shut case for damages and emotional stress. This can be done by speaking to any qualified legal firm.
    make them turn the documents over …they don’t exist

  9. Gerald I saw your post on scamwatchers, I was scammed and totally mislead by Hal Robb and his team a few years ago, we lost all our money as well.
    He is up to the same games and looks like from on the SW site when down, he feeds people …….there is a NEW plan that he/they have back tested that gets another few percent a year/month its all world class bullcrap…and a old con to keep people in.

    The new office is Palm Springs mooban Villa Estates Chang Mai Thailand…full address post code and tel
    on SW, put all the details in the SEC complaint filing, somebody working on getting a social security number on there. https://www.sec.gov/oiea/Complaint.html I cannot believe he is still selling Financial vehicles freely no license no bond, YOU CAN ALSO LODGE A COMPLAINT HERE TO REPORT MISLEADING SCAMS INTERNETCRIME DIVISION Thai authorities. https://www.interpol.int/en/Who-we-are/Member-countries/Asia-South-Pacific/THAILAND

    1. Wow, I didn’t know he is now publicly setting up an office at Palm Springs. I thought he had been under the radar while we saw his crew fishing for new clients around the city for a couple of years under the name Osmi FX. If you are a victim in Thailand, please help report it here. Department of special investigation (DSI) https://register.dsi.go.th/ or giving them information will be useful too.

  10. Matt
    Thanks for the update on his crew, I find it funny that each director is trying to get one over on the other now, but are now ALL coming to the realization that Hal Robb or Hal Booker and his buddy Roger have been playing them (Osmai Fx) all along.
    There is no magic numbers and they Osmai have ruined their client base. The only people that make money is the daily swops win or lose as they are so high, shared between Hal and his team….

    Mark my words the IC Markets ponzi scam will collapse and once again this clown and a few others will walk away with a percentage of all the clients money they have brought in….They change their name again and find another financial company …not such a big financial company ….as the big are well regulated. No just a smaller company similar to Osmai Financial that are in a rush for greed. This all needs to stop, the game is up.
    If there is a American guy called Roger with them, he was in the previous FX scam.

    1. Omg, I see. They have started a new name…I guess the only way to get some money back is to catch those people and let the court seize their property. I am not sure about foreign cases in Thailand. Recently I saw a Thai Forex Ponzi gang arrested by the DSI, which took eight years to track and jail the main boss. I don’t know about the guy named Roger. Do you know what his last name is? On FB, I found this potential Rogers, but I am not sure which one or if the Roger has been around Chiangmai: Roger Lindley, John R Rogerson, Roger Smith, Roger Williams, Roger Rikkers, Roger Hart-Wells.

      Note: I saw a few of Hal Rob’s promotion videos on FB, and these people always react to most of the posts by Hal Rob and interact on Scott’s page. Hope this infomation might help.
      Michale Filipek (A European guy. I saw him djing with Scott in town, he is also a part of the Upbeat Drum and Base Chiang Mai group )
      Osmai Rose ( A Thai lady living in Chiang Mai, funny enough that her name is Osmai, just like the Osmai FX !! LOL Hal Robb’s girlfriend?? ). I am sure catching the boss is difficult, but we can start by tracking his associates. Again, if victims can email or call the DSI and ask about this case, the Thai guideline and what to do, they can help get some money back. I assume all of them are still in Thailand.

  11. Somebody sent me a message this guy was in Thailand, we are from Chandler originally, but now Bangkok. We signed up for Hal Robbs exotic club, the one they dubbed pack of lies club later in Arizona and we lost all the money as the FX folded…not just my money, but my all of my children money.
    His lies was there from the beginning, but we got carried up in it the same as the rest. So he is in Thailand now….. yes there is another guy called Roger, black hair who is the brains of the scam he works with Hal Robb as he goes by now.
    I would VERY VERY much like to come across him Roger also, if anybody is on Hal ROBB FB if they could forward Roger last name.
    Thanks for all the updates on his whereabouts.

  12. Mark you are correct about Hal Robb and the DJ recruitment Forex 3-D Thailand they got them, well at least in Bangkok… Good News….The party for DJ recruitment they was using in Bangkok got busted by Thai police and are looking for all upper people of his 30 million USD tier people in the country. Hal Robb set another company up with his partner Forex 3-D, The guy in Bangkok and his wife are now in police custody and cannot do anymore scams. Hopefully they all get picked up in Chang Mai as well and some of the people get their money back. BTW from another scam watch site……they still have and are trading East West Trading in Thailand and using another division from another website. You can report here MISLEADING SCAMS INTERNETCRIME DIVISION Thai authorities. https://www.interpol.int/en/Who-we-are/Member-countries/Asia-South-Pacific/THAILAND Lets hope they get shut down before re-forming in to another company. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2387133/dj-man-singer-wife-baitoey-face-charges-in-forex-3d-fraud-case

  13. Mr Anonymous from Chandler, you are thinking of Roger Scott who works with Mr Hal Robb scam, he may be in Chang mai also. I understand your frustration, many people logt a lot of money promoting bogus results with bad forex company. The office is Palm Springs moo ban Villa Estate lane 1 Chang Mai, office has 6 year old white Japanese car in drive, usully leave 7.30am to 8.30am daily

  14. Mr apiruk kothi forex scam head guy ( google him) is now awaiting trial in Bangkok and was behind the DJ forex scam in Bangkok and now 600 investors are now waiting for their money all scammed out of their forex account . This scammers associates are now working with Mr Hal Robb forex scam who could be the person who set Mr Apiruk Kothi initially …they are in Chang Mai and doing a similar scam at DJ events in Chang Mai Thailand on FB with Dj Scott Hattrell. Hal Robb Facebook
    Be careful hopefully they will catch up to them before they pull the rug out of people feet and leave them with nothing.
    They seem to have a office posted above in Chang Mai.

  15. เมื่อคุณโกหกคุณขโมยคนเลวได้ยาที่ไม่ดี

  16. Mr Chandler, I understand your frustration he is a liar and also thief….he will walk in to the wrong coffee shop one day, easily spotted..

  17. Hal Robb is a regular Bernie Madoff…..IC Markets will capitulate and swallow all funds up except the top guys who will walk away with clients funds.

  18. They make me laugh who say the money is safe in IC markets in fiduciary accounts and nobody can touch them. IC Markets are a small run slime company.
    I guess they was saying that also true with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried they took 8.5 Billion last month as it blew up……yes Billions from investors. All supposed to be in fiduciary accounts that nobody could touch. ALL ACCOUNTS GONE
    I am Happy there are sites like these that are a watchdogs for the public out there xxx
    BTW…Somebody posted a pic of Hal Robb on scamwatch without sunglasses and no hairpiece so he will probably look more familiar to people.

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