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neglgence and deceipt”>

I live at the Fairways at Brookside In Macungie PA. It is on a “home equity loan Interest only.” I am on “Social Security Disability” since 1989.

In 1992 I was deemed “Financially Incompetent” by Psychiatrist & East Stroudsburg PA Court. So you can imagine my surprise when I was given a $225, 435. loan based on the value of my present PA condo; I can’t sell, in PA, through Dwayne Booth “Financial Specialist, ” Wachovia Bank Blake Park Financial Center 1700 59th St West FL4833; Bradenton FL 34209 ph-[protected]
1-800-wachovia [922-4684]

Wachovia Bank Forms were signed dated 2/28/2007 =3/20/2007. My partner Sandy Nash, was present. I had been receiving SSD About $1250. a month in 2007, now $1300. This includes ‘Widow Benefits.” I couldn’t afford a “Interest Only Home Equity Loan “Aka by me Bridge Loan. [Whatever that is?] Am I responsible? My partner Rev Sandy Nash of 6yrs, just left me in June 2009; another case. I was used for sex/cash/car/property.

Previous to this, I was granted a Wachovia home equity loan for a car for Nash-$18, 000. I did not qualify for that. Sandy Nash was in bankruptcy; told me she paid my car payments. I don’t know if she did. Aft. Sandy left suddenly, this year, my son/friend had helped me make some sense of this. I tried H.A.M.P. of Obama. It is a joke along with HERO & FHA; HUD; HFA; $1500.scams to help w/modification of bank loans/mortgages; consumer counseling; senior centers; & other hardship agencies. I am in touch with an Attorney Keith D Cacciatore [protected]. Representative Doug Reichley & Senator Charlie Dent have not helped. Free Legal Aid has not responded. I believe there is no one familiar with the legal issues of banking fraud & discrimination. Wachovia was negligent. My partner of 6years just ran to FL. The Reverend Sandy Nash no longer needed my mortgaged PA condo, a car, credit cards, a trip to Turkey, or cash. Sandy was accepted into her 91 yr old Mom’s Condo in Bradenton FL. My FL Condo is sitting in Sarasota FL. Could Not keep a tenant. I paid $250, 000. for it, added a new a/c & Heat Pump, Shields & Garage Door. No jobs in Sarasota, FL, no buyers and a listing price of $169, 900. was going lower. I quit. I need someone who will work with me to resolve, at least, the Wachovia Loan Money. The Loan #[protected] & the payments are on schedule to Wachovia Bank, N.A. P.O. Box 13327 Roanoke VA. [protected]. The Interest has been $10, 000. a year. My savings in the stock market has been lost. Sandy Nash was & had agreed to help with payments. Without a Marriage contract I have very little chance of recovery. But Wachovia Bank committed “Liar’s Loans” twice with me. Now they won’t do a modification claiming it is against their policy to modify “Interest Only, Home Equity Loans.” I did not understand the contract

I even had to write my other Attorney, who had drawn up my “Joan Wielgus Trust.” Attorney Nancy K. Busch of Allentown PA just sent Wachovia Bank, Dwayne Booth, that my trust was named “Revocable Agreement of Trust” in full force Mar 5 2007 .

Please help me. I can’t find anyone to get me through this catastrophic event I have discovered myself in. I am disabled but got a M.S. in Management in 1985. After the Drunk Driver Fatal Accident, of June 10 1989, I was vulnerable to these types of people. They are criminals & should be treated as such. No one wants to take my case because I have no more money. My pay off figure is $226, 600. I’ll get some money, somehow, for your fee. Thank you for reading.

Joan Wielgus see below

CondoSales: 5665 Merion Ln Macungie Lehigh County PA Fairways at Brookside [protected]
[http://lvarmls.rapmls.com/scripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=Lehigh&PRGNAME=MLSLog in&ARGUMENT=I%2F3rMfcNqYxORABsC6HFG7oEU7mHsEcUzhahstcGKiE%3D&KeyRid=1&Includ e_Search_Criteria= ]


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