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To Whom It May Concern,
Re : loan number [protected] with Wells Fargo,
I have sent a certified letter to Wells Fargo on March 20th and they have received it a week after. In my letter I advised them that I have, at least 4 times, called [protected] ) and e-mailed to the commercial servicing as advised in the notices about the insurance matter since 12/2016 .  One time on 2/9/2017 I spoke to a man which I forgot to ask for his name who said everything looked fine, the other time I spoke to a lady name Ashley. And my insurance agent Nicole called and spoke to a man name Mike  because I kept receiving notices stating I owed money to Wells Fargo due to the fact I don’t have insurance therefore  Wells Fargo forced to purchase one for me. This issue seemed to be a problem every year when I renew my insurance for this loan number on property located at 300 N & 310 N 11th st, San Jose, Ca. 95112 . I have renewed insurance on this property in August 2016 under policy number CAF114226 with CSE insurance group for 310 N. 11th st and policy number [protected] with Mapfre insurance co. for 300 N. 11th st  . These policies will be expired in August 2017 . My insurance agency is : ASIAN BUSINESS CARE INSURANCE SERVICES, phone number [protected] has provided Wells Fargo with both policies on 9/22/2016. Regardless, I kept receiving letters showing current insurance due of $8176.63 is due May 1st. My question is, why would they have to buy insurance for me while I already bought mine and my insurance, just like in the last 8 years, provided to them ? why didn’t they get back with me or my insurance agent as they said after many of my phone calls, my insurance agent phone calls and emails ? and kept sending notices stating they will have to buy insurance for me ? when I sent them the last letter I also attached with it copies of my policies, and asked them to get back with me . They never did . Instead send me a new bill for the insurance. I’m very frustrated with Wells Fargo . This lender is really a worse lender and unethical conduct, unscrupulous and no professionalism .
Please give me your hand, please help me .
Thank you very much.

Monique Nguyen
7401 Prindiville Dr
San Jose, Ca. 95138

Found At: Wells Fargo – proof of insurance

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