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O whom it may concern –

My fiancée and I came into your store on December 04, 2016 for the first time, located at Sheffield Commons Shopping Center, 1000 W North Ave b, Chicago, IL 60642. As recent first time home owners we were excited, thrilled and overwhelmed by the selection of (what appears to be quality) furniture your company has to offer. The initial staff was very helpful & friendly and they even introduced us to the sale that was taking place at that time, Yay! We were on the hunt for a Dining Set and that’s when we stumbled across, fell in love with and PURCHASED the beautiful Emmerson Dining Table 72″, and the Emmerson Dining Bench 72″ for a total of $1, 736.17. We explained to the sales rep that we were having dinner guest to celebrate NYE and how important it was for us to receive the set before the holiday, WE WERE ASSURED we would receive the set “WAY BEFORE NYE”…but to my dismay we did not!

I called West Elm customer service on Thursday (December 22, 2016), before Christmas day, to check on the status of my order (because I hadn’t received any update on my order since it was purchased). I was told by a West Elm Rep that BOTH pieces were in and that I could schedule a delivery date with the shipping company, so she transferred the call. Once transferred, to the shipping company (Who might I add, has the WORST personalities ever and West Elm should consider using another company to deliver their products because they are HORRIBLE and are a poor reflection of West Elm), I was told that only the table was in stock and that I should callback the next day to check the status on the bench. Due to it being the Christmas holiday weekend, I decided to call the following Monday (December 26th) to schedule a delivery date. Once again, I was told by West Elm that BOTH pieces were in and they transferred me to the shipping company but they were closed in observance of the Christmas holiday. I called Tuesday December 27th, was informed by West Elm the BOTH pieces were in but once transferred to the delivery company was told that only my table had arrived and still pending the arrival of the bench. I called West Elm extremely frustrated, and was told that I would not receive my order until AFTER the New Year and that you all would offer me a 20% discount. I then expressed that the money was NOT an issue here and I just wanted my items to be delivered to me ASAP, your rep explained again that nothing could be done and issued me a discount of 30% and assured me that the item would be in after the New Year. Still very disappointed, I accepted, in hopes of getting my item the following week.

January 3, 2017, I called West Elm once again for a status on my order, I was informed that BOTH items were in, transferred to the delivery company and… yup you guessed it, told that only my Table was in and not my bench by the delivery company. I then urged the delivery company to provide me with management, according to them they could not do so, so I called West Elm and boy, was I FURIOUS! Not only am I furious about not receiving my order, I was most FURIOUS about the lack of accountability and resolution BOTH companies had to offer. It’s very frustrating when someone has made a pricey purchase and NO party at EITHER COMPANY can provide you with a resolution, without you (as the customer) guiding them through the process of possible solutions. After speaking with a manager at West Elm (who was VERY nasty) I decided to cancel my overall purchase with West Elm and to take my business elsewhere. It seems as though you all specialize in providing quality furniture but poor customer service and client resolution. Although I DO NOT plan on shopping with West Elm again, it might behoove the company to implement client resolution amongst their associates to alleviate these situations in the near future. This is very unfortunate because I was looking forward to building a long standing relationship with West Elm.

IN REGARDS TO MY REFUND, I am still pending a refund in the amount of $80.43

Total Spent – $1736.17

Refunded – $520.85 – (30% discount)
Refunded – $125.00 – (discount by rep)
Refunded – $1009.89
​Total $1655.74

Total Spent $1736.17
Total Refund – $1655.74
Still ​Pending refund of $ 80.43

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