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misleading/lying to prospects”>

We had been to Myrtle Beach several times. This time we decided to stop at one of the tourism info shops, bad mistake. We got talked into a timeshare promotion. Please don’t fall for these. Basically we were mislead about when we could use it, all the additional costs, lied to in general. We kept trying to leave but they did sucker us in. The lie that makes me the maddest is that even before the day was over, when my wife and I had time to think about it, called them back up and wanted to get out of the contract. We were told that you could NOT get out. This is not true, you have 5 days to right a letter stating you want out. It took me 2 years to find this out. Yes, its to late, but we’re still trying.Please read the contract carefully and don’t believe anything they tell you. They will lie for a buck.


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