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I called customer service twice on 11/27/2017 to check on an order that was flagged “security” online. This is because immediately after I called my credit card company to see if the charges went through, and they said yes, the charges went through, it is not pending. Thus I called Westin Store to see if there was an order, instead, upon stating the first statement of the possible security issue the customer service automatically raised her voice and yelled at me and said no charges went through it is “pending” and money has not exchange hands. I was polite and said thank you for explaining the situation as I am trying to understand what happened while she continued to be rude. After that I called my credit card company again to make sure it is only pending and the charges didn’t actually went through. However, my credit card company said, the charges went through, money exchange handed and it is not pending and gave me the authorization number of the transaction. Thus I called the Westin Store back, and this time, a guy, before he would let me explain what happened raised his voice, and said no transaction has occurred and it must be my mistake and don’t talk to the customer service people at my credit card company. He continued to badger me and would not let me get a sentence in. He kept cutting me off when I tried to explain what my credit card told me, and he would not even look in the situation. I would never go on the website the Westin Store again, nor even stay at a Westin (I do stay there a lot through my corporate account). They are rude, and doesn’t care that a customer is trying to spend few thousand dollars on their website.

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